Mother’s Day Traditions

Celebrating Mother’s Day Around the World As Mother’s Day approaches, cultures worldwide prepare to honour [...]

Persian Rocky Road

This home made Persian Rocky Road combines decadence with wholesomeness, with the nostalgic delight of [...]

Home Made Marshmallow Recipe

Sweetness meets wellness in this recipe for home made marshmallow made with wholesome organic ingredients. [...]

Home Made Chocolate Recipe

Enjoying rich, velvety homemade organic chocolate is a sensory journey unlike any other. Beyond its [...]

Exploring Easter: History and Tradition

Embracing Sustainability and Wellness at Easter As the hues of autumn gently blanket the Australian [...]

Autumn Themes

Autumn Themes | Rich in symbolism and themes of transition and reflection Autumn is a [...]

Traditional Medicine and Wisdom for Autumn

Reflecting on Autumn through Traditional Medicine and Wisdom In traditional medicine practises, the seasons play [...]

Ritualistic Bathing – As featured in WELLBEING

Immerse yourself in the remedial power of ritualistic bathing at home with Organic Merchant. There’s [...]

Delicious + Mindful Festive Recipes

Earth-Friendly Festive Recipes for a Mindful Feast Christmas is a time for celebration, joy, and [...]

Summer Rituals for Wholistic Wellness

Embracing the Radiant Season of Summer As the warmth of the sun envelopes us and [...]

Sustainable Cocktail Party Tips

Entertain with an Elegant and Sustainable Cocktail Party Cocktail parties are a wonderful way to [...]

Bathing Therapies: Wellness in Water

Bathing Therapies: Natural Immersion Treatments and Their Benefits  In the world of wellness and self-care, [...]

Sustainable Summer Picnic Guide

 Creating a Gourmet Sustainable Picnic A picnic under the warm sun, surrounded by nature, and [...]

Intentional Gifts and Giving

Intentional Gifts for an Earth-Friendly Festive Season In a world where environmental awareness is on [...]

Bathing through History and Cultures

A Soothing Journey Through History, Culture, and Tradition Bathing, a practice that transcends time and [...]

MIRON Glass: Preserving Wellness

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the importance of sustainable and [...]

Spring Rituals: Embrace the Season Of Renewal

Celebrating Spring. Spring rituals are a way to connect with is the season of rebirth, [...]

Sacred Sage Smudging Ritual

Sage smudging is a sacred ritual used by many cultures to cleanse and purify a [...]

How To Perfectly Brew All Loose Leaf Tea Types

In today’s fast paced world, drinking tea is synonymous with a daily self care ritual, [...]

6 Handpicked Beautiful & Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

Is sustainability something you take into consideration when purchasing gifts? With the festive season upon [...]

The Importance Of Creating A Daily Sleep Routine

As humans, we are naturally creatures of habit that seek the safety and security of [...]

Why Choose Organic?

At Organic Merchant we are passionate about all things green, certified organic, eco-friendly, fairly traded, [...]

How To Create A Premium Hygge Spa Experience

“The way to health is to have an aromatic bath…” ~ Hippocrates   When was the [...]

Cacao by Candlelight: A New Way To Hygge

What’s your preferred hot beverage when it’s cold outside – tea, coffee or even hot [...]

The Art Of Tea Rituals And Hygge

“No matter where you are in the world, you are at home when tea is [...]

7 Ways To Create The Magic of Hygge For Enhanced Wellbeing

Winter has arrived in Australia, and with it, a gentle reminder of the impact seasonal [...]

Why We Love Trendglas Jena

Explore why we recommend glass teaware for brewing your organic loose leaf tea.

How to Use a Tea Infuser

Loose leaf tea calls for an elegant tea infuser. We love our basket and tube [...]

Pregnancy Tea

Organic Merchant has carefully formulated loose leaf tea blends for use during pregnancy, birth and [...]

Drinking Cacao for Wellness

Organic Merchant’s raw cacao powders are certified organic and bountiful with health benefits.

6 Step Bath Ritual

The process of enveloping yourself in water has been a key ritual for centuries as [...]

How You Can Fight Stress With Gourmet Cacao Blends

Did you know that you can satisfy your chocolate fix and reduce stress with a [...]

Mother’s Day Tea – Nurturing Connections

Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity and reminder of the importance of connecting with our [...]

How To Create Autumn Rituals To Embrace The Change In Season

Autumn is such a beautiful and intriguing time of year. With the vibrant changing colours [...]

Meditation for the Change of Season

Season changes powerfully affect our inner environment just as much as the colour of the [...]

Explore the wonders of Moroccan Mint Green Tea

After hearing amazing things about Morocco, we were lucky enough to visit the beautiful North [...]

Raw Cacao: History and Health Benefits

Human consumption of cacao has a long history – dating back thousands of years. Growing [...]

Time For Tea

TREE OF LIFE popped into O|M HQ for afternoon tea! Read all about it on [...]

Breathwork: Relaxing + Invigorating Breathing

Breathwork is used to invigorate, energize and relax the body, mind and spirit. Relaxing breathwork [...]

Sweet Slumber

Sleep can be elusive for some of us, especially with little people in the mix! [...]

Menopause, Manopause – What is it?

Historically this topic is deemed taboo or only whispered about to our closest friends. But [...]

Heal your mind, body and spirit with Ayurveda

Thought by historians to be one of the oldest healing science, Ayurveda dates back 5000 years [...]

Organic and Wild Harvested

We often hear the word organic being used, but do you know what it actually [...]

5 Reasons to Drink More Tea

Written by Alina Canon As one of the oldest beverages in existence, it isn’t surprising [...]

Tis The Season To Party

We all use the term Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea but where do these terms [...]

True Tea Vs Herbal Tea

Tea drinking dates back to 2750 BC, when people living in the re gion that [...]

Herbal Tea For Parents

How Herbal Tea For Parents Can Help with Mood, Energy and Sleep for You and [...]

Is It Tea Time Yet? – A Review by Daily Addict

Some days you just want to be wrapped in a blanket and soothed from the [...]

How Adaptogenic Herbs Can Help Your Body Fight Stress

How Adaptogenic Herbs Can Help Your Body Fight Stress ‘Adaptogens’ are phytochemical substances found in [...]

How Herbs and Plants Can Help Your Body’s Immune System

Your immune system is designed to protect your body against many diseases. There are a [...]

Sustainable Gift Ideas – How to gift ethical and eco-friendly?

The festive season heralds feelings of joy, love, family, friends and giving. It allows us [...]

How to Make Iced Tea

Are you wondering how to make easy iced tea at home with loose tea? For [...]

Why Certified Organic?

Organic Merchant’s teas are Australian Certified Organic (ACO) and several of our teas have wildcrafted [...]

About Sencha Green Tea

Originally from Kyoto Japan, Sencha Tea (sometimes written Sen Cha) has a more refined taste [...]