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Explore the wonders of Moroccan Mint Green Tea

Moroccan Mint loose leaf tea on a dish

After hearing amazing things about Morocco, we were lucky enough to visit the beautiful North African country a couple years ago. Thinking back, the first thing that pops into my mind is tasty food, amazing hospitality and of course Moroccan Mint Tea.

On the third day of our two week trip, a local we met at the market invited us to a traditional Moroccan mint tea ceremony at her home after overhearing that we hand-blend herbal teas ourselves. Not wanting to offend anyone, we obliged, despite not really feeling too well on that particular day with an upset stomach. What seemed like a typical tourist trap at first, turned out to be an incredibly pleasant experience. Although we did not understand much at the time, here is what we observed.

We followed our host through the back of the store, up some stairs and took a seat on the rooftop; just in time for sundown. After a couple minutes she came back with a tray and plenty of glasses, and started ceremoniously preparing the mint tea in front of us, leaving us in awe. The green tea leaves (Chinese Gunpowder Tea), freshly picked mint and heaps of sugar were neatly laid out, waiting to be combined into this iconic Moroccan beverage.

After rinsing the ornate teapot with freshly boiled water, our host placed the tea leaves inside. Next, a tea-glass of water was added, allowing the leaves to open up. After around 10-15 seconds the water was poured into a separate glass.

Other family members joined us at this point and another glass of water was added into the pot. This time our host moved the teapot in a swirling motion, flushing off the dust and bitter flavours.  The pot’s contents were transferred to a second separate tea glass and set aside. After that, the first glass, which was clear in colour compared to the second one, was poured back into the tea pot.

A handful of fresh mint was squeezed and added into the mix, followed by heaps of sugar. Finally the teapot was filled up with water and put onto an open flame. If you want to do this at home, you should have stovetop-safe tea pot, for example the Nova Teapot.

4 minutes later the mint green tea was poured into a glass and back into the pot, to make sure that the beverage was an even mix. A sweet, minty scent immediately filled the air.

Finally, when we were served our Moroccan mint tea, our host held the pot approximately half a meter away from the glasses. Part of the reason is to aerate the tea, creating the typical foamy top in the process. However we were told that it is also a sign of politeness. The higher the pot, the more welcome the guests are.

The first glass was passed to the person sitting on the right of the host, until everyone had one. At first it was tricky to hold the tea glass without a handle, but after we figured it out, we could not stop sipping the sweet minty green tea. A refill was served without asking. In the end it even helped us ease our digestion.

We left well nourished, happy and one extraordinary experience richer.

Experience Morocco from the comfort of your home

50g jar of Moroccan Mint Green tea by Organic MerchantHomepage_Tea-Basket-Infuser

Our organic Moroccan Mint Green is an award-winning mint and green tea loose leaf tisane boasting refreshing mint tones balanced with light revitalising grassy notes. This Middle Eastern formulation has traditional benefits and plant compounds that are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial which may naturally aid digestion, fortify immunity, boost metabolism, enhance cognition and protect against signs of ageing.

It is 100% featuring organic ingredients Sencha Green Tea, Peppermint Leaf and Spearmint Leaf. It naturally contains caffeine.

Health benefits of Moroccan Mint Green Tea

Naturally high in protective antioxidants, this blend is traditionally used to ease digestion and lift energy. Sencha Green Tea is highly regarded for its health benefits, especially in Japan. Amongst others, it is skin saving, metabolism boosting, anti-aging, immune supporting and energy lifting.

  • Upset Stomach – our Moroccan Mint Green Tea can assist in soothing an upset stomach and relieving heartburn.
  • Mental Focus – Moroccan mint tea’s cool, refreshing flavour and invigorating aroma can help drivers stay alert, focused and less anxious.
  • Coughs and Congestion – the menthol in a hot cup of this herbal tea blend may help relieve coughing and even loosening up congestion.
  • Freshen Your Breath – Mint, one of the most common chewing gum flavours, can help to get rid of bad breath. Its germicidal properties, restraining the bacterial growth, ensure oral health and a fresh breath.
  • Healthy Skin + Protection Against Heat – especially in Morocco, the mint and green loose leaf tisane is consumed to protect against the searing sun and its heat. Drinking tea at body temperature (not iced tea) is better for your system as no energy needs to be invested into cooling down / warming up the beverage. Additionally the spearmint and peppermint found in our Moroccan mint tea are superb at cooling your body, thanks to the menthol they contain.