Sex Dust – Cacao Powder


Raw cacao mixed with superherbs to improve fertility and enhance sexual performance for both men and women.


  1. Ellie

    We love Sex Dust. Great taste and texture. Absolutely delicious

  2. Vicky Duffield

    This is a very smooth and enjoyable drink. Have tried the hot and cold drinks from recipe cards sent. Great either way.

  3. Rianna

    Absolutely delicious! A wonderful smooth texture too. Will definitely buy again

  4. Dana

    Great taste and texture. ❤

  5. Candice

    This is my absolute favourite blend! It’s yummy & SERIOUSLY gives my libido a boost, as my hubby can attest! I ran out a few months ago and have been too busy to order so my hubby ordered three tubs for me (or for his benefit lol)!

  6. Mme_Karen

    This is loveliness in a drink. I know that it’s supposed to be energising, which is why I drink this in the morning, but the rose aroma just reminds me of contentment. I feel happy and ready to face the day, rather than have a frantic go, go, go energy that you may associate with other energising drinks. A good start to the day without the jolt.

  7. Lisa Soldo

    I am loving the sex dust product. Along with the spicy chai tea.. this has now become another favourite product of mine. I love mixing it with Coconut Milk. I have also noticed an increase in energy.. I feel great & am sleeping better too.. Is it down to this.. i think so!! 🙂 very happy.

  8. eva.lee

    I really liked the taste of this. Most of the products on the market are way too sweet for my liking but this one was not. Tasted really good mixed with just water and was very creamy when mixed with milk.

  9. Elsie

    Very happy with the sex dust. I love the texture and taste.

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