About Certified Organic

The only way to know what you are consuming is made without synthetic colourings, preservatives, additives or genetically modified (GM) ingredients is to look for the ACO Logo.

The ACO logo informs shoppers that what they are consuming is made without synthetic colourings, preservatives, additives or GM ingredients

Importance of Certified Organic

While the ACCC demands that brands substantiate organic claims, companies do not have to be officially certified to label their products as “organic” in Australia.

This makes it even more important for us to ensure our products carry the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) logo to show that they have been approved by the ACO certification body.

For a product to be labelled ‘certified organic’ it must go through a rigorous certification process at every part of the supply chain to ensure it meets organic standard requirements – from the farm and the sourcing the ingredients, to manufacturing and processing, all the way through to getting into stores.

The Australian Certified Organic Standard (ACOS) is one of the strictest and most thorough food regulatory standards in the world. Products that adhere to this standard display the ‘Bud’ certification mark.

Every single ‘Bud’ product has a certification number unique to the operator and this allows for traceability throughout the production system.

For more information please visit the Australian Organic website.

What is the difference between wildcrafted and certified organic ingredients?

Wildcrafted plants like the name suggests, are not farmed but rather sustainably harvested from their natural habitat for food or medicinal purposes. They have had no exposure to herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals.

Certified organic ingredients mean that they are produced in a controlled environment that adheres to a whole system approach dedicated to sustainability, biodiversity protection and regeneration of lands and soils.

Two hands holding certified organic plant soil, locally sourced by Organic Merchant for tea and cacao powder