Wholesale Tea

We are always looking for like-minded businesses to partner with and support with your wellness journey.

Organic Merchant Black Tea collection

Want to buy bulk tea?

Organic Merchant is one of the top wholesale tea suppliers in Australia, working in partnership with health food stores, gift and lifestyle stores and hamper businesses. We now offer our products online through our ecommerce store, wholesale to stores and other online business as well as corporate gifting businesses and bulk food stores.

We are always looking for like-minded individuals and businesses that want to provide premium, healthy, organic and sophisticated products to their customers.

There are several options for working with us including:

Which loose leaf teas are available as wholesale teas?

All of our organic teas are available for wholesale orders. Some of our customer favourites include:

  • Herbal teas, such as Restful, Energy, and Immune Tea
  • Green tea, such as Moroccan Mint Green, Jasmine Green, and Sencha Green Tea.
  • Black tea, such as Australian Breakfast, Masala Chai, and French Earl Grey.


To apply for a wholesale tea account with us, click here to head over to our wholesale application form.

Interested in using our tea under your own brand?

Private Label is when you choose some of our existing tea or cacao blends and package them under your own brand for sale. Simply choose from our 52 blends and we can provide:

  • Ordering and inventory
  • Hand Blending
  • Production and pack out services
  • Tea bag production
  • ACO certification
  • Packaging design
  • Packaging print and production
  • Delivery of retail ready product

To work with us, learn more about our Private Label Tea & Cacao service and complete the application form.

Want to create your own signature blend?

Bespoke blending is when you work with our founding director and formulation Naturopath to create a unique blend exclusively for you. Working one-on-one with our team, you get to pick the ingredients, taste profile, aroma, color, and therapeutic benefits of the blend.

Together we bring decades of experience, working with you to create your own range of sustainably produced organic products.

Our minimum order quantity for bespoke blends is 10kg.

To work with us, please head over to our Private Label & Bespoke Tea page and scroll to the bottom, and complete the Bespoke Blends application form. Click here to see an example of what Organic Merchant, one of Australia’s top wholesale tea suppliers, can create for you.

Private label wholesale tea from Organic Merchant