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Organic loose leaf tea blends and functional cacao formulated to support your immune system and fight symptoms of stress in the body.


A revitalising, mineral rich aroma-balneotherapy treatment created to fortify the immune system and relieve tired muscles, aches and pains.


Raw cacao mixed with medicinal reishi mushroom powder for vitality and immune health.


Raw cacao mixed with cinnamon, ashwagandha and ginger to help resist symptoms of stress.


A multi-award-winning fortifying tisane combining soothing mint with vitalising citrus and ginger spice.


An award-winning Native Australian blend of tangy bush quandong and zesty native lemon with hibiscus.


An award-winning brilliant crimson tisane of tangy berries and hibiscus, with sweet honey and rose overtones.


An award-winning fragrant tisane combining the blackcurrant aroma of buchu leaf with fresh pine juniper.  


A multi-award winning turmeric tisane offering refreshing citrus notes with restoring tropical overtones.


A revitalising blend boasting uplifting aromatic citrus notes with warm rejuvenating ginger spice.


Our stunning Tea Ritual Gift Box featuring a brass spoon and brass tea infuser and your choice of tea.


Create your own Bath Gift Box including your choice of mineral bath soak, rose petals and a mini sage smudge stick.    


This gift pack includes two cacao powder of your choice plus a long-handled bamboo whisk for preparing your cacao.


Give yourself or a loved one the gift of wellness with these naturopathically formulated teas designed to instil relaxation, health and calm.