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Using a tea infuser allows you to steep a single cup or an entire teapot while also controlling the infusion time.


Pure brass tea strainers hand-crafted to help you prepare a nourishing and mindful cup of tea


Stainless steel teapot infuser perfect for using with our Glass Teapots and Water Kettles.


This single cup loose leaf tea infuser provides a convenient method for brewing loose leaf herbal tea.


A stainless steel tea infuser basket with lid.    

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Our Glass Tea Infuser is perfect for using with organic loose leaf tea. The strainer can be bought as a replacement for one of the Trendglas Jean Teapots in our range or as a combination with our with our Glass Water Kettles made for stovetop use. If you are looking for a complete set of a glass teapot with infuser you might be more interested in our teapot range.