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Our award-winning certified organic tea range is blended by hand from locally and internationally sourced ingredients. Each blend has been expertly crafted for nutrient value, beneficial effect and traditional therapeutic properties, honouring the traditions of herbal medicine. Each blend combines anywhere from three to fifteen different ingredients, dispensing a variety of healing properties and empirical effects.

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love + appreciation

“I am in love with my new teapot! Have been living on fresh lemon and ginger brews since it arrived. And the service and delivery were perfecto. Thank you!”


Nova Teapot

“I sent this box as a gift to my girlfriend who’s just had a baby, she was so happy, she said the packaging is just WOW! I’m so grateful that I was able to send her something to special and for such a great price! Super happy customer.”


Cacao collection gift set

“I love the Digestif tea – it tastes amazing, I enjoy sipping it during the tea – it’s helping my bloating already. And delivery was fantastic.”



“Love your tea!”


australian outback chai

“So divine! I bought two Wellness Gift Sets for a girlfriend and I who were going for a couple of nights away for a mini break. Loved the blends and totally in love with the infuser!”



“This is my absolute favourite blend! It’s yummy & SERIOUSLY gives my libido a boost, as my hubby can attest! I ran out a few months ago and have been too busy to order so my hubby ordered three tubs for me (or for his benefit lol)!”


sex dust

“I love a calming tea before bed and I’ve found this blend is incredible! If you like chamomile, this blend is for you!”

TaliaPeaceful Tea

“This is by far the best herbal tea I have ever tried! The flavours are so lovely and balanced and I really look forward to enjoying my two cups a day while I’m at work. I honestly think it helps me get through the day.”

belindacleansing tea

“The Spirit Dust is lovely and delicate. It does not taste sweet and artificial, it taste nourishing and a flavour that I know my body will crave more and more, much better than drinking coffee. My first cup I used one teaspoon, next time I will use two teaspoons as I love the chocolate and cinnamon together. I am looking forward to trying all the dust powders especially the Super Dust.”


spirit dust

6 Dust Cacao Infusions surrounding spoon


Cacao: History and the benefits for health

Human consumption of cacao has a long history – dating back thousands of years. The World Cocoa Foundation says growing cacao as a crop was started by South American cultures such as the Aztecs and Mayans. Studies of cacao history show the Aztecs consumed cacao powder as a bitter drink – which was later sweetened and flavoured by Spanish conquistadors according to their taste.

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Why We Are Certified Organic?

Unfortunately in Australia companies do not have to be officially certified to label their products as “organic” in Australia. This makes it even more important for us to ensure our organic teas and cacao powder carry the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) logo to show that they have been approved by the ACO certification body.

We believe that organic consumables are not only better for people, but also for the planet, thus ensuring our part in maintaining and sustaining the world for the future.

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Two hands holding certified organic plant soil, locally sourced by Organic Merchant for tea and cacao powder