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Pregnancy tea supports women before, during and after pregnancy. Nutrients include magnesium, calcium and iron, which may assist with symptoms such as indigestion and sleeplessness.


A nurturing blend offering nourishing nettle with raspberry and rose used to support pregnancy and labour. Please scroll down to read about the benefits of this tea.


An award-winning gentle tisane blended with calming and comforting spices to nurture mother and baby.


A pure certified organic chamomile tisane good for naturally soothing indigestion. This caffeine free blend is comforting and calming.  


A pure peppermint tisane offering fresh aromatics with cooling soothing menthols to refresh and revitalise.


A revitalising blend boasting uplifting aromatic citrus notes with warm rejuvenating ginger spice.


An award-winning soothing tisane, offering calming chamomile, comforting spices and a sweet liquorice base.


An award-winning relaxing tisane imbued with calming chamomile, restoring lemon and comforting lavender.


Our stunning Tea Ritual Gift Box featuring a brass spoon and brass tea infuser and your choice of tea.


A perfect combination of herbal teas formulated to support pregnancy, birth and motherhood.