Restful Tea


An award-winning relaxing tisane imbued with calming chamomile, restoring lemon and comforting lavender.


  1. Mel

    We love this tea. My husband and I have a cup every night before bed. Pleasant taste unlike those grocery store bought ones.

  2. Stephen Hay

    I started using this to address a problem I have with disturbed sleep patterns. Firstly I have found this tea quite palatable and easy to drink. Consuming one mug approximately 2 hours before going to bed appears to aid in restoring a restful and relaxing sleep. Whilst I cannot say for certain that this is not simply a placebo effect I can say that I have tried other sleep inducing agents and they have not worked as well as this. Highly recommended

  3. Remy

    Very relaxing

  4. Hayley West

    My go to tea every night. Helps me to relax and unwind after a busy day.

  5. Justine Quinlivan

    This tea is very soothing! I am a very light sleeper but when I drink this tea before bed I find I rarely wake up through the night and have a very sound sleep. really lovely to drink too and I have tried many brands of tea but this is by far my favourite!

  6. Anissa

    Lovely tea, that has helped my husband who is a shift worker. He has trouble staying asleep at night, and we found when he has this tea, he doesn’t keep waking up throughout the night. It has also be very helpful for our two daughters. Already onto our second order of this tea!

  7. Robyn

    It is a very relaxing blend, but can it cause diarrhoea?

    • Admin

      Hi Robyn 🙂 There are no ingredients that should cause digestion problems.

  8. Anna

    sooooooooo relaxing….

  9. Caro

    Very good blend. I enjoyed its relaxing effect

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