Peaceful Tea


An award-winning restorative tisane offering a harmonious medley of precious petals with refreshing florals.


  1. Naomi

    This is a lovely soothing tea, it actually calms me down, just what I needed. It goes down so easily too.
    I was impressed with the delivery and packaging. I’ll be ordering again 🙂

  2. Talia

    I love a calming tea before bed and I’ve found this blend is incredible! If you like chamomile, this blend is for you!

  3. Jo Gibbs

    I love this peaceful tea at night and sometimes during the day if I am feeling a bit crabby. Delivery is really fast too

  4. zarantonello

    I have only just received my tea, at first I loved the look of the tea, it looked calming and healing. I am not partial to Chamomile but this tea is delicate and delightful, very easy to drink. I feel I need a tea to help me unwind and relax in the afternoon to get through till bed time. I have given up my afternoon wine and now have a lovely cup of herbal tea instead and this will definitely be my afternoon tea. I will definitely be reordering and next time I will order my Peaceful Tea in the glass jar.

    Pretty looking tea

  5. SS

    A lovely and fragrant alternative to straight chamomile.

  6. Nickolas

    My sister recently purchased the ‘soul seeker’ gift box for me and this is by far my most favourite, I had a rough morning and after one cup of PEACEFUL I was relaxed and able to move on with the day.

    Will be ordering more!

  7. Leonie

    There was a night where I was extremely stressed because of work and I drank 2 cups of this tea, within about 30 minutes I completely felt stress free and was able to concentrate without feeling anxious. Will be purchasing more when I run out! Furthermore, the glass jar is beautiful and it was packaged very well so as to make sure none of the teas were damaged through postage.

  8. Chloe

    Helped me relax 🙂

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