Shine Dust – Cacao Powder


Raw cacao mixed with Triphala, Chicory and Dandelion to improve complexion and skin health.


  1. Kerrie-Anne Ming

    Have noticed my skin is softer since using this blend. I use it in a shake. Love this product

  2. Lisa Soldo

    I had the pleasure of enjoying this blend today… just started & i’m loving the taste. It was a great pick me up in the afternoon just before grabbing the kids. Loved it. Hoping to consume it daily to see the complexion advantages.

  3. Anissa

    Thought I would give the Dust range a go, and ordered Shine Dust. Initially I wasn’t too keen, but I add a little extra raw cacao to my drink along with the shine dust, and I find it more enjoyable. As for assisting with a radiant complexion, I am unsure, as I haven’t been consistent in consuming this. I would like to give it a 4.5 star rating.

  4. Sadie

    I met Chalimah recently she is so lovely and so passionate about all her products. I especially like the shine dust

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