Organic Merchant seeks to maintain and cease degradation of land while looking for opportunities for regenerative agriculture to restore land, promote soil health, and provide new ecosystems for the future.

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Sustainability Vs Regeneration

At Organic Merchant, we are stewards of sustainability and regenerative practices for ourselves, each other, and the natural world. We look to thought leaders in this space and continue to educate ourselves and experiment with new practices to better our production processes and chain of suppliers.

Today’s environmental experts believe that sustainability is no longer enough and the future is in Regeneration – replenishing and restoring what we have lost.

By embedding regeneration into our business, we can demonstrate leadership, build long-term resilience and fight climate change little by little.

“We are just waking up to the fact that we as a species are impacting something that we thought was just beyond our influence. The whole planet. It takes generational shifts in order to enable people to not only see that, but also respond.”

John Elkington, founder and chief pollinator, Volans

Organic Merchant is wholly committed to organic practices in our day-to-day production from our facilities being powered by solar energy down to using biodegradable packaging tape. We commit to regular audits to maintain our ACO accreditation and ensure that our facilities and systems adhere to ACOS.

We select suppliers based on their ability to meet our organic and sustainable criteria. For example, all raw ingredients are sourced from certified organic producers or suppliers who produce wildcrafted native herbs and plants free from herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals. And we have partnered with Australia’s first carbon-neutral postal service to offset the emissions of every parcel.

Our product packaging is proudly plastic free.


Regeneration Rising

Walter Thompson released a report in 2021 as a follow up to their prediction of a shift from sustainability to regeneration in 2018. This report comprised of findings from research using several methodologies over the period January to March 2021.

Read our summary of the report and key insights to consider to help move into a regenerative future.

Sustainability Futures Regeneration Rising