Spark Dust – Cacao Powder


Raw cacao mixed with medicinal reishi mushroom powder for vitality and immune health.


  1. Ashleigh Phillips

    Yesterday I was watching the documentary fantastic fungi and it got me thinking…. I really wanted some cacao with medicinal mushrooms in it

    I jumped online and found a few companies that sold what I was after, but I felt really drawn to organic merchant, their blends but also their whole philosophy

    So I ordered it, YESTERDAY, and no more than 20 hours later it arrived via the post — thanks guys!

    It’s exactly what I wanted and needed, it’s deliciously chocolatey, with hints of spice and mushroom goodness 🍄✨

  2. Alex

    I have recently given up caffeine to try to help with an anxiety disorder. I have been drinking Spark Dust every morning, and occasionally in the afternoon as well. I absolutely love it, it is really soothing and has become an important ritual in my day. I was getting it at an organic grocery store near my house, but recently purchased online as they were out of stock and was really impressed with the super fast delivery, it was well packaged, and they even threw in a sample of the Spirit Dust which was appreciated.

    It tastes delicious and luxurious with nut mylk but I often drink it just mixed with hot water and still enjoy it (may not be for everyone, it is a distinct taste, but I really like it).

  3. Izzy

    thanks for the great customer service

  4. Elanor

    After giving up coffee I couldn’t live without my morning cacao smoothie made with spark dust.

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