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We love brewing organic loose leaf tea in clear glass teaware for a number of reasons including the environmental benefits, health benefits and probably most of all because of how stunning it looks when serving the tea.


Our borosilicate glass tea cup set from Trendglas Jena holds approximately 400ml of tea. It is for the serious tea lovers who like to sit and sip the day away.

Tea Infusers

Glass Tea Infuser


Our Glass Tea Infuser is perfect for using with organic loose leaf tea with our Glass Teapots and Water Kettle.

Teapot Warmers

Glass Teapot Warmer 12cm


Unique in design, our glass teapot warmer has cut out holes to create wonderful shadow play once the candle is lit.


The Water Kettle is made of highly durable borosilicate glass and can be placed directly on the stove top.

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Our Hudson Glass Teapot (2.5L ) is the largest teapot in our range and if perfect for entertaining either with iced tea or gluhwein.


One of our more traditionally shaped teapots, the Miko holds 3-4 cups of tea.


The Nova Glass Teapot (1.2L ) has a modern, sleek design and is made of highly durable borosilicate glass.


Pisa Teapot


The ‘Pisa’ is the perfect teapot for one! Its stylish, small and compact, holding up to 600ml of water. This style comes with a stainless steel tea infuser and simple glass lid.


This single cup loose leaf tea infuser provides a convenient method for brewing loose leaf herbal tea.


Stainless steel teapot infuser perfect for using with our Glass Teapots and Water Kettles.


Our modern sophisticated steel teapot warmer keeps tea warm for hours. Suitable for the T42 Teapot, Nova Teapot and Pisa Teapot.


Size: 17cm diameter Suitable for: MIKO teapotNOVA teapot All Trendglas Jena stainless steel tea warmers are dishwasher safe. Please note: This is a 100% stainless steel tea warmer. There is no glass on the outside.


T42 Teapot


The 400ml T42 (Tea For Two) Teapot does exactly what the name suggests, it keeps tea brewed to perfection for exactly two cups.

Tea Infusers

Tea Infuser Basket


A stainless steel tea infuser basket with lid.


Modern and sleek, the Vesuv Water Kettle holds 1.1L and can be used directly on the stove top.