Teapot Warmer with Candle – 12cm


Our modern stainless steel teapot warmer uses a candle to keep your freshly brewed tea warm for hours.

It is 12cm in size but crafted to fit a variety of teapots. In case you prefer a wider base, we also have a 17cm version available.

From our collection you can combine it with the T42 Teapot, Nova Teapot and Miko Teapot.


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5 reviews for Teapot Warmer with Candle – 12cm

  1. Miki

    Still works after over 2 years

  2. Rosemary

    Just what I was looking for. As we accidentally threw our original one out! Arrived in excellent time – happy with all aspects of the purchase.

  3. Maria

    Positively surprised. Opened my package this morning and straight away dropped the warmer when taking a photo to send to my friend… luckily it turns out that it is pretty much indestructible.

  4. Gelareh

    Love it. Using it everyday. Thank you! 🙂

  5. Donna

    Great warmer!!!

    I use this product almost daily now. It’s a replacement for my previous tea warmer, which I had for over three years before dropping it… Needless to say, dropping it promptly caused its destruction.

    The whole set up has a very simple, classic look, which I love and the small candle keeps the tea surprisingly hot. It lasted until the candle was completely burned out.

    This tea warmer turned out to be one of the better kitchen gizmos I’ve ordered, so I’m happy to recommend it to anyone who loves a hot cup of tea.

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