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This gift pack includes two cacao powder of your choice plus a large brass spoon for serving.


Give the gift of calm and higher consciousness with the Sacred Ritual Gift Box.


Create your own Bath Gift Box including your choice of mineral bath soak, rose petals and a mini sage smudge stick.    


Contains six samples of award-winning, sugar-free raw cacao powders plus recipe cards for making delicious, healthy hot chocolate and other goodies.


A collection of samples introducing our range of award-winning mineral bath soaks, this set is the perfect gift for the bath-lover in your life.


Raw cacao mixed with superherbs to improve fertility and enhance sexual performance for both men and women.


Raw cacao mixed with Triphala, Chicory and Dandelion to improve complexion and skin health.


Raw cacao mixed with turmeric, ginger and black pepper formulated to calm inflammation and soothe digestion.


Raw cacao mixed with medicinal reishi mushroom powder for vitality and immune health.


Raw cacao mixed with cinnamon, ashwagandha and ginger to help resist symptoms of stress.


Raw cacao mixed with matcha and superherbs with energy and stamina in mind.


A divine offering of pure rose petals. Ideal in food recipes, body and bath creations and sacred rituals.