Mother Nature Raspberry Leaf Tea


A nurturing blend offering nourishing nettle with raspberry and rose used to support pregnancy and labour. Please scroll down to read about the benefits of this tea.


  1. Clare

    Beautifully packaged, excited to drink everyday during my third trimester

  2. sharniebluhm

    I purchased this tea as I am in my third trimester and it is absolutely gorgeous and it tastes great. Being heavily pregnant and having a toddler as well, I have greatly appreciated this tea. It is my little time out and the rose petals and packaging definitely add to the feeling that it’s a little gift to yourself.

  3. Sophie

    I drank this raspberry leaf tea blend at the end of my third trimester for about five weeks (I drank cheap not so nice raspberry leaf tea beforehand) and not only is it absolutely delicious but I truly believe it helped with my labour. As a first time mother my active labour time was only four hours long! I have been drinking religiously the weeks following and I feel like it has also helped postpartum with the healing and breastfeeding. I recommend this tea to all third trimester mothers!

  4. Sheeling

    Such an amazing and nourishing tea. Yummy!

  5. Alex

    This tea is beautiful. I drank a plain, grocery store raspberry tea my last pregnancy and I really missed feeling like I had a special cup of tea. I love the rose petals in this tea – makes me feel like I’m still treating myself, while still nourishing my body and getting ready for birth! I also have much more confidence in the quality of ingredients with OM than I did with cheaper, store brands.

  6. shellywhitford89

    Love this tea! I have been drinking for 4 weeks of 3rd trimester so far, feel great after, sleeping better, settled stomach and moods. Hoping it assists with labour last one was very long! 🙂

  7. Mira

    finally a certified organic brand that can be trusted. thank you

  8. Mary

    Just had my second child. This tea is not only delicious, but I actually had the feeling that it really helped me calm my nerves.

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