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Ritualistic Bathing – As featured in WELLBEING

Immerse yourself in the remedial power of ritualistic bathing at home with Organic Merchant.Modern expansive bath room

There’s no denying the healing power of bathing. Immersing yourself in an enticing warm bath is a proven way to decrease stress, alleviate mild muscle pain, and increase circulation. It can also help you sleep better and, of course, leave you feeling clean and refreshed. Yet despite all these attributes, many of us don’t make time for a bathing ritual at home. However, it could be just the pick-me-up you need to keep you going between vacations.

“I am an advocate of the remedial and ritualistic power of bathing,” says Chalimah Jeanne, Founder of Organic Merchant. “Balneotherapy is the use of mineral-rich thermal waters to cultivate wellbeing. This is an ancient therapy with a history of practice on every continent since antiquity.”


Taking just one Organic Merchant product away on vacation with you? The Radiance Relaxing Bath Soak, suitable for all skin types, should be top of your list. The Organic Merchant team describe it as a “sensual and sacred aroma- balneotherapy treatment created to balance biorhythms”.

This soak is the perfect way to connect you to a sense of peace both in yourself and the natural world around you. In addition to this, the rose-infused blend also inspires creativity and helps you radiate beauty from within. These are perfect attributes to add to your holiday and your ritualistic bathing practice.

Since the Radiance Relaxing Bath Soak is made to nourish and beautify the skin, one of its key ingredients is Australian Pink Clay. This clay is known for its strong mineral content of magnesium, selenium and zinc.

Pink clay exfoliates and brightens the skin, yet doesn’t strip off the natural oil barrier your skin needs to thrive. Additionally, this ingredient is highly moisturising and hydrating. Because of these qualities, it is beneficial for oily skin, and simultaneously very well suited to mature skin needing improvement in elasticity.


Chalimah’s confidence in ritualistic bathing has seen Organic Merchant expand from their tea and powder products to incorporate a luscious range of bath soaks. Created from 100 per cent natural and organic ingredients, these soaks are able to transport you into holiday mode thanks to their therapeutic qualities and highly enticing scent. “Organic Merchant bath soaks harness the power of warm water and enhance these in combination with natural ingredients. The naturopathically-formulated soaks combine sustainably harvested mineral-rich salts, curative mineral clays, organic botanicals and organic essential oils,” Chalimah says. “These muddy, mineral- rich soaks assist in deeply replenishing the body’s mineral stores. At the same time, they are relaxing the muscles and refining the skin. They deliver a multi-remedial experience. And that’s not even mentioning the therapeutic actions of the organic essential oils and botanicals.”

NATURAL ATTRACTIONCentric water drops

Since she was a young girl, nature has always drawn Chalimah. “I grew up in a remote coastal town in Western Australia, which instilled in me immense reverence for the Earth’s natural beauty,” she says. “I was encouraged to roam the wild lands surrounding our tiny town and became intrigued by nature and cycles of life. “I find the role of nature and plants in health and wellbeing inspiring, and realised early in life that my purpose was to facilitate health and healing in others while respecting and nurturing our planet. This led to me studying horticulture and naturopathy to combine my passion for plants and healing utilising their empirical, clinical and scientific teachings.”

As a result, her journey led Chalimah to creating special wellness tea blends under the Organic Merchant banner. By combining health properties, taste and sustainability, she developed a range of popular tea products that consumers fell in love with. “I started out with 12 tea blends and now have over 30, along with ethically sourced cacao, bath soaks and tea wares,” she says. “Our teas are 100 per cent certified organic and all our packaging is sustainable.”


Indeed, sustainability is a quality at the forefront of the Organic Merchant ethos. “Our customers always comment how good they feel about purchasing from us as a sustainable company,” Chalimah explains. “That’s important to them, as well as the premium taste and clinical benefits they receive. We are proudly plastic-free. Also, our packaging is recyclable, biodegradable, compostable or reusable.”

Accordingly, the Organic Merchant range of teas is available in recycled cardboard printed with eco-ink or reusable glass jars, and they use plant-based cello bags that are home-compostable and worm-farm friendly. “Our range is freighted in cardboard boxes using biodegradable packaging tape, and we have also partnered with Australia’s first carbon-neutral postal service to offset the emissions of every parcel,” Chalimah says. “We have a zero-waste project internally and our facilities use solar energy power. We believe all of these benefits feed back to the consumer, in small and large ways. So we can benefit both people and planet.”

Originally published in Wellbeing Magazine.