Golden Turmeric Tea


A multi-award winning turmeric tisane offering refreshing citrus notes with restoring tropical overtones.


  1. Brigitte

    This tea is amazing very refreshing and tastes so good. I’ve had other tumeric teas and they have been grainy and not very palatable. My husband also enjoys it too! The quick service and delivery of my tea was fantastic too. Well done OM, will be purchasing from you again soon.

  2. Steve

    The blend of lemongrass, turmeric and various other flavours works beautifully in the tea. Refreshing with a zing. My order arrived nice and quickly too. Great to be able to order direct while in lockdown. Thanks.

  3. Sandy Verdonk

    I love lemon, tumeric and ginger, so this is the perfect tea for me. It is refreshing, cleansing with a zesty taste to linger on the palate.

  4. Kristina Gottschall-Finkel

    This blend is the bomb! It’s warming, zesty, sweet but not too sweet and has real zip. Utterly delicious. Something quite unique.

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