Turmeric (Curcuma longa)

Turmeric is a perennial herb originating from the ginger family and is native to India. It is widely recognised for its bright yellow hues.

Used in India for thousands of years as a culinary spice and medicinal herb, it has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. It is used to support cardiovascular and liver health, as well as for depression and to aid weight loss.

Also known as a ‘beautifying spice’, it helps to relieve a range of skin conditions including psoriasis and acne.

Part used



Pungent, sweet, warm, dry


Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiaging, neuroprotective, memory enhancing, anticancer, immunomodulator, chemopreventive, antimutagenic, antiapoptotic, radioprotective, antimetastatic, antiarthritic, analgesic, antispasmodic, bitter tonic, hepatoprotective, nephroprotective, antidiabetic, antidepressant, antiulcer, antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, larvicidal, insecticidal

  • Adjunctive cancer treatment
  • Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory conditions such as generalised chronic inflammation, arthritis, osteoarthritis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, lupus nephritis
  • Cardiovascular disease prophylaxis; dyspepsia, peptic ulcer; liver and gallbladder dysfunction such as hangover, jaundice and hepatitis
  • Infections such as the common cold
  • Menstrual disorders
  • Adjunctive diabetes treatment
  • Depression
  • Alzheimer’s disease (still being investigated)
  • Topically for skin conditions and cancer associated lesions, sprains and strains, adjunct in periodontitis and gingivitis





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