Australian Outback Chai Tea


A multi-award-winning combination of spicy Tasmanian pepper berry with the rich aroma of roasted wattleseed.


  1. Vicki’s

    Love your tea

  2. Catherine

    Love this blend, replaced my shop bought chai tea bags with this aromatic brew and loving it.

  3. Brian

    Absolutely excellent very tasty and glad i purchased it. Leaves the stuff you buy from a coffee shop in the lurch

  4. Michael

    The Outback Chai is unique and great tasting. Love the caffeine free Rooibos and the rich spicy afternotes.

  5. Michael

    Great chai!

  6. Belinda

    I made a pot of this chai it was full bodied, smooth and creamy. I will defintely be buying some more of this sumptuos tea.

  7. Debra

    Tried this chai using the infuser – it was lovely, flavoursome and refreshing.

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