Australian Wattleseed Tea


A multi-award-winning black tea combining the deep aroma of roasted wattleseed with sweet cinnamon spice


  1. Karina

    This tea is blended to perfection and so beautiful in every way. Full flavoured and rich in depth, with hints of cinnamon, chocolate and coffee. It fills the belly and warms the heart. Thank you OM.

  2. Anne-Louise Minter

    This tea has now become my new favourite . The aroma is so unusual, nothing like anything I have experienced before. The combination of cinnamon and wattleseed is so full of flavour. I would highly recommend this tea.

  3. Annette

    This tea is pretty amazing. It is delicius and awesome on a cold winter morning. I love the cinnamon and wattleseed. I first became captivated by another tea of the same name with similar ingrediants that I had just tried by because I had been given a sample to try and instantly found that I could not live without it from that time on, until it was taken off the market from T2. Ever since then I have been trying to find a replacement tea. (I am a coffee drinker)

  4. Catherine

    An interesting tea blend, it smells strong straight out of the packet but the taste is subtle and flavourful, I love the fact these blends are all natural ingredients with no extra flavours etc added.

  5. Tasleema

    I was given a sample pack of these teas and this one is one of my faves! Since trying this tea I have started to enjoy flavoured black teas. Some flavoured teas are too artificial for me but this one with it’s little peices of cinnamon is so authentic and mild tasting. The aroma and subtle flavour of the cinnamon is so refreshing and uplifting I love it and have ordered it a few times now.

  6. Duncan

    Beautiful, fresh and flavourful, perfect without milk. As a coffee drinker this tea is perfect for reducing my intake. Has become my new morning go to. Will need to buy more very soon.

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