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Why We Love Trendglas Jena

Explore why we recommend glass teaware for brewing your organic loose leaf tea.

Clear Glass teapot with tea from above
Glass teacup sitting on glass saucer

Organic Merchant Glass Teaware

We love brewing organic loose leaf tea in clear glass teaware for a number of reasons including the environmental benefits, health benefits and probably most of all because of how stunning it looks when serving the tea.

All of our glass teaware is imported from Europe and produced by specialists in borosilicate glass manufacturing. In fact, Trendglas Jena has a long history for producing premium glass ware and remains one of the world’s largest manufacturers of heat-resistant glass.

We choose Trendglas Jena products because of their superior quality, functionality and sophisticated design aesthetic. Their glass products contain no heavy metals or other toxic substances.

The smooth and pore-free surface is particularly suitable for people with allergies. In fact, Trendglas Jena GmbH is the first and so far the only business to be certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF).


  • Heat resistant (up to 450°C/842°F), suitable for use in microwave, microwave grill, dishwasher and stove.
  • Suitable for healthy and safe food preparation.
  • Easy to clean and hygienic in use through the pore-free surface.
  • Show a high resistance to sudden temperature changes with a temperature difference of 140°C/284°F (three times as high as normal glass or lead crystal glass).
  • Are manufactured from clear borosilicate glass which is free of smell and flavour, does not discolour and shows high chemical and mechanical resistance.
  • Do not give off any substances and are therefore suitable for allergy sufferers.

Our range of Glass Teapots from Trendglas Jena include:

  • Hudson Teapot
  • Miko Teapot
  • Nova Teapot
  • Pisa Teapot
  • T42 Teapot
  • Water Kettle


Glass Water Kettle

By far our most popular product, the Glass Water Kettle from Trendglas Jena holds 1.7L of water and can be placed directly on the stove to boil water.

This elegant, modern design not only looks great but can serve as a teapot as well when used with a stainless steel or glass teapot infuser.