How to Use a Tea Infuser

Loose leaf tea calls for an elegant tea infuser. We love our basket and tube infusers for when we want a quick cup of tea.

Stainless steel tea infuser with lid by Organic Merchant

Organic Merchant Loose Leaf Tea Infusers

Brewing tea can be an art form and we, here at Organic Merchant believe that the ritual of making a cup of tea can be a gateway to mindfulness, and in the right setting can create a space for you to reach new levels of intention and reflection.

The process of infusing and steeping loose leaf tea leaves form part of this ritual. One of our favourite past times is to watch the colours from the tea leaves seep out of the infuser and transform the clear water in the cup.

If you don’t like tea leaves in your cup, using a loose tea infuser is a must. Choosing what type of infuser to use will depend on a few things; the amount of tea you’re preparing, whether you are using a teapot or if you prefer to strain the tea with an infuser in your cup.

  • Tea infusers are generally placed directly into your cup or teapot, enabling the water to circulate around the tea leaves.
  • Tea strainers are generally used with a teapot as the strainer rests on the rim of your cup ready to catch the loose tea leaves as you pour.

Tea tube infusers are best for quick, single-serve cups of tea – ideal for travelling or making a single cup at home. Organic Merchant tea tube infusers are made of heat resistant, food grade stainless steel meaning they don’t leach a metallic taste.

For brewing, tea infuser baskets are spacious and wide, thus allowing tea leaves to expand with water and release their potent potential. Our stainless steel tea basket infuser has a fine mesh filter that makes it perfect for steeping loose-leaf teas.

Glass Tea Infusers

If you consume large amounts of tea then infuser teapots may be more suitable. Our borosilicate glass tea infusers fit with our glass teapots and kettles providing a wide area for brewing, allowing the tea leaves more room and flavour to develop.

Glass tea infuser for loose leaf tea by Organic Merchant