Pregnancy Tea

Organic Merchant has carefully formulated loose leaf tea blends for use during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Raspberry Leaf Tea for Pregnancy - Certified Organic - Made in Australia

Organic Merchant Teas for Pregnancy

There are multitudes of benefits from drinking herbal infusions throughout pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding as they provide nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, and iron. It can also be a great way of maintaining self-care and connection as well as staying hydrated.

Herbal infusions can offer simple, safe, gentle, and effective solutions for many common pregnancy problems ranging from indigestion to sleeplessness. Although herbs are “natural”, not all herbs are safe to take during pregnancy, therefore using herbs requires a cautious approach. We recommend that you talk with your health-care provider before taking any herb during pregnancy.

Drinking organic Raspberry Leaf tea to prepare for birth

Our Mother Nature tea blend contains Raspberry Leaf which one of the most common uterine tonics. It can also be consumed after labour to help the uterus return back to its normal size, shape and elasticity and is a galactagogue assisting to increase and enrich milk supply after birth.

Drinking organic Goats Rue tea to support breastfeeding

Our Mother Nurture tea blend has been formulated specifically to support breastfeeding and contains a number of nourishing galactagogue herbs that are known to support low milk supply.

Need a babyshower gift that nourishes both mum and bub?

Our Pregnancy Tea Gift Box contains four sample sized packs of our award-winning teas including Mother Nature, Mother Nurture, Energy and Restful bleds plus a stainless steel tea infuser.

Want to learn more about herbs for pregnancy, birth and beyond and which tea blends are safe to drink while pregnant? We have put together some key information for you.

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Our Pregnancy Tea Blends

Mother Nature Tea (Raspberry Leaf)

Ingredients include: Raspberry Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Shatavari Root, Rose Petals.

Organic Merchant Pregnancy Tea collection jar and box

Mother Nurture Tea (Breastfeeding Tea)

Ingredients include: Goats Rue Leaf, Fennel Seeds, Star Anise Fruit, Withania Root, Lemon Balm Leaf, Cinnamon Bark.


Pregnancy Tea Gift Set (Bud, Blossom and Bloom)

Perfect as a babyshower gift, this collection of teas has everything for a when you’re starting out as a new mother – tea to support pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding as well as something to provide energy and sound sleep.