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The Art Of Tea Rituals And Hygge

“No matter where you are in the world, you are at home when tea is served.” – Earlene Grey


In the World Happiness Report 2022, Denmark again tops the list amongst the happiest countries across the globe. As established in our last article, the Danish mindset and rituals of hygge feature as a key contributor to this collective national joy.

The Danish achieve a state of hygge through a commitment to making time to slow down and savouring moments. This is supported by creating rituals and daily practices (usually centred around the home) that allow them to be fully present.

By embracing hygge, wellness is enhanced from simple pleasures as well as connection with self, and others.

Tea and hygge

While there are many aspects to creating a hygge lifestyle, did you know that after candles, the Danish rank hot drinks as the most important aspect?

In fact, the term hygge appeared for the first time in Danish writings in the late eighteenth century. Which, coincidentally, was also the time tea became a popular beverage.

Therefore, drinking tea alone or with others is an important part of achieving the benefits of hygge.

Winter wellness and tea

In addition to the ritual of tea drinking, Danish doctors have been known to recommend “tea and hygge” as a remedy for winter illnesses. This is not surprising as numerous studies have shown that a variety of teas may boost your immune system, fight off inflammation, and even ward off cancer and heart disease.

Tea, and the daily practices connected with tea, can act as further support to your wellbeing in the cooler months. This is the peak time when we must boost our immunity as we are prone to colds, flus and even Covid-19 reinfection. Learn more about our winter wellness tea range here.

Inspiration to create a hygge tea ritual

Creating a tea ritual offers a moment of stillness to reconnect with self, to be present and reflect on the day ahead, or the day that was. In essence, tea rituals are about mindfulness. The simple practice of unplugging from technology, preparing and sipping your tea, brings nourishment in the every day.

Here are a few tips and ideas on how to create your own rituals with tea. If you would like to have tea for two or more, the following principles can still be applied and shared with others:

1. Loose leaf tea

To be truly ‘hygge’ we recommend taking time to brew a pot of loose tea, preferably at the same time each day to create a daily practice. View our award winning, certified organic loose leaf teas.

2. Tea choice and time of day

Choosing your preferred tea can be difficult, so why not consider the time of the day that you will drink tea? You may wish to sample a variety of loose-leaf teas, both caffeinated and non-caffeinated, so you can greet the day with an uplift, or wind down after dinner to prepare for a restful night.

We recommend that your tea choice is certified organic given the regularity in which you may consume tea. Certified organic tea is free from any harsh chemicals or additives and has enhanced flavour for the palate. It is also ethically and sustainably sourced, which is better for you and better for our planet.

3. Tea wares

Choose a glass or porcelain tea cup and saucer that fills you with joy and happiness. Remember, by using the same tea cup each day you are also reducing waste and sipping for a better planet. Learn more about our sustainable tea wares collection to enhance your hygge tea rituals.

4. Create a tea sanctuary

Create a calm, warm and uncluttered space in your home so it feels cosy and hygge. You may have a special chair, or a place you like to view out your window. Light a candle, drape yourself in a soft throw, and arrange your tea ware with intention – whether its tea for one, two, or more.

5. Pouring and resting tea

After heating the water on your stovetop or kettle, place your tea infuser in your cup (for one) or in your teapot (for two or more). Place your choice of tea (read label for suggested strength) and gently pour the boiling water over. Allow to rest for 1- 5 minutes depending on your taste and strength preference and enjoy the aroma and colour that your loose leaf tea will bring.

6. A sensory lift

Finally, sit down with a music selection that enhances the moment. Pour your tea, take a deep breath and enjoy! For more details on tea inspiration and enhanced wellbeing, look no further than our award winning, certified organic teas at Organic Merchant.



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Words by Katrina Savell