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Autumn Equinox Self-Reflection Ritual

Autumn Equinox Self-Reflection Ritual: Embracing Balance and Harvesting Wisdom

As the autumn equinox approaches, a time when day and night find perfect equilibrium, it offers a poignant opportunity for self-reflection, balance, and harvesting the wisdom gained throughout the year. Create a serene space for this ritual, adorned with autumnal colours, candles, and elements of nature.

Begin by centring yourself, taking a few deep breaths, and allowing the essence of fall to envelop you.

This practice can help you observe the Autumn Equinox, and explore and be present and connected in this moment in the Earth’s cycle.


Light a candle or several candles in the room, symbolizing the balance between light and darkness. Arrange fallen leaves, acorns, or seasonal flowers to bring the outside in, creating a connection to nature.


Sit comfortably with a journal and pen. Begin by reflecting on the growth and experiences of the past months. Acknowledge the challenges and celebrate the successes. Write down the lessons learned, both big and small, and express gratitude for the wisdom gained.


Consider what you wish to harvest in the coming months. What intentions do you want to set for the remainder of the year? Write down your aspirations, whether they be personal growth, creative endeavors, or relationships. Visualize these intentions as seeds planted in the fertile soil of your being.


Yellow leaves, driven by gusts of wind, swirl in the air against the background of a gray autumn sky. Leaf fall in a birch grove. Detail of autumn forest.4. MEDITATIVE EQUINOX WALK

If possible, take a mindful walk outdoors, immersing yourself in the sights, sounds, and scents of autumn. Feel the crunch of leaves beneath your feet and observe the changing colors of the landscape. As you walk, reflect on the balance within yourself and the equilibrium that nature gracefully demonstrates during this season.


Form a circle with items that symbolize gratitude – perhaps small autumn-themed tokens or written notes of thanks. Hold each item or note, reflecting on the blessings and abundance in your life. Place them in a central spot, creating a gratitude mandala that visually represents the richness of the season.



Return to your serene space and sit in quiet meditation. Focus on your breath, inhaling and exhaling in harmony. Envision a delicate balance scale, symbolizing the equilibrium of the equinox. With each breath, bring balance to your mind and spirit. Visualize the scales tipping in favor of harmony and serenity.


Conclude the ritual by affirming your intentions and expressing gratitude for the seasonal shift. Speak words of affirmation aloud, acknowledging your inner strength and the wisdom you carry into the autumn season. Blow out the candle(s) as a symbolic gesture of releasing any lingering burdens, making space for new growth.


Embrace the tranquil energy of the autumn equinox, allowing this self-reflection ritual to deepen your connection with the changing seasons and the profound wisdom within.