Sustainably wrapped Christmas gifts

6 Handpicked Beautiful & Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

Is sustainability something you take into consideration when purchasing gifts?

With the festive season upon us, considering sustainability in your gift choices may seem like another thing to add to the list.

So to keep life easy, we’ve handpicked our top six sustainable gift ideas without comprising quality, luxury or price.

At Organic Merchant (OM), we work from an ‘earth to earth’ sustainability model, which means that purchasing our multi-award winning products are not just better for your loved ones, they are better for our beautiful planet.

Handpicked sustainable gift ideas from Organic Merchant

Our gifts that keep on giving

Sustainability isn’t just about protecting the environment, it has other considerations.

It means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Embedded in most definitions of sustainability we also find concerns for social equity (like health and wellbeing or diversity and inclusion for example) as well as economic development.

When you purchase gifts from OM, you are ticking all three of the sustainability boxes – environmental, social and economic.

What better way to celebrate the festive season than to know your gifting will keep on giving now and in the future?

It all starts with choice.

The elegance and beauty of sustainable gifting

In many cultures, the festive season heralds feelings of joy, love, family, friends and giving.

It allows us to honour our ideals and intentions for the year that was, as we begin to prepare for the year ahead. Christmas is a time when we acknowledge those in our lives that mean so much to us or have supported us throughout the year – often with a gift.

What greater gift could you give to those that you love than one that supports sustainability? At OM, we believe there is such an elegance and purity of knowing that you are sharing much more than a physical present. You’re also sharing a personal exchange that is appreciated by both the bearer and the receiver – and our planet.

By purchasing from OM, you are gifting:

  • Sensory delight – through the taste, aromas, stunning colours of our range with our multi-award winning products and recipes
  • Health and wellness integrity  – through our naturopathic formulations and certified organic blends
  • Tradition and history – through our artisan blended and lean manufacturing creations
  • Experiential rituals – that bring daily joy
  • Plastic free – recyclable, reusable or biodegradable packaging (even our packing tape!)
  • Love – for our planet and each other.

Parcels gift wrapped in brown paper and string with native flowers

Our six top gift ideas:

1. Curate your own experience 

If you’re looking to go beyond the usual gift ideas, why not curate an experience for your loved ones? Our range of festive gift boxes provides the perfect balance of quality products and unique experiences. Perfect for the senses, palate and spirit.

For example, our festive tea ritual gift box contains our multi-award winning, certified organic mulled spice tea with a beautiful brass spoon, tea strainer and recipe card. A favourite in summer sangrias, or cool winter evenings.

For our full range of gift boxes, read on..

2. Tea gift sets under $35

Our gift sets are for those who like to try a bit of everything! Want to travel without hopping on a plane? Try our Wanderlust Tea Gift Set featuring Moroccan Mint Tea, Turkish Delight, French Earl Grey and Spicy Chai.

Or maybe you have a loved one overseas that would like to experience our Australian Natives Gift Set featuring native fruits and herbs that have been a staple for indigenous Australians for thousands of years? See our full range of tea gift sets, each including a tea infuser.

3. Bath + cacao gifts 

Spoil them with healthy chocolate indulgences or luxury home spa experience gift sets along with thoughtful artisan-created accessories, perfect for every home, in every season.

4. Our Christmas range  

Sprinkle some joy! This range has been thoughtfully curated with the flavours, fun and festivity of the Christmas season.

5. Browse for her, for him, and for mums-to-be

Explore our full range including our pregnancy, women’s health, relaxation and sleep as well as immunity.

6. Gift card 

If you know someone who would love a luxurious sustainable gift but would like to let them choose, why not gift them an Organic Merchant Digital Gift Card?

That’s a wrap

We hope that you find some inspiration in this article for friends and family.

Please don’t forget – the final touch is to wrap your gifts in recycled paper! We offer a service for a small fee to have your gifts ecologically wrapped and sent to your door.

Everybody can make a positive impact to a sustainable festive season through their actions. This doesn’t mean missing out, it means making conscious choices.

You can start today by planning to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones – and mother nature.