Home-made fluffy white marshmallows

Home Made Marshmallow Recipe

Sweetness meets wellness in this recipe for home made marshmallow made with wholesome organic ingredients. In our journey toward holistic well-being, every aspect of what we consume matters, and that includes the treats we enjoy. Crafting marshmallows at home allows us to infuse this beloved confection with the goodness of organic ingredients, ensuring that each fluffy bite is a moment of pure delight and nourishment.

In this recipe, we invite you to explore the art of creating marshmallows that not only tantalise the taste buds but also nurture the body and soul. By harnessing the natural goodness of organic sweeteners and flavourings and grass-fed gelatin, which is rich in collagen, promotes joint health, supports digestion, and provides a sustainable source of protein, we can savour the timeless comfort of marshmallows without compromising on our commitment to wellness.

This all-natural recipe has only 20 minutes prep time and is easy to make at home, with delicious results!


  • 1 1/3 cup water, divided in half
  • 3 tbsp unflavoured gelatin
  • 1 cup honey
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • pinch of salt
  • arrowroot starch or icing sugar, for countertop and dusting marshmallows


  1. Spray an 9″ by 11″ rectangle pan and cover with parchment paper (leaving it longer on the sides for easy removal).
  2. In a stand mixer with the whisk attachment, add gelatin and half the water (2/3 cup), making sure its cold.
  3. In a saucepan bring the remaining 2/3 cup of water to a boil. Add the honey, vanilla, and salt and let boil for 1 minute. Then quickly add the water mixture into the stand mixer bowl and begin mixing together.
  4. After about 1 minute, turn mixer onto high and beat for 8-10 minutes. The mixture should look thick and shiny. Almost as if you were mixing egg whites trying to get soft peaks.
  5. Once it’s done, quickly transfer to the pan, ensuring it’s even. Let sit for minimum 2 hours, preferably 4-5 hours or overnight.
  6. Once it is set, dust countertop with arrowroot starch or icing sugar, and flip marshmallows onto the counter. Cut into as many pieces as you like! If they are not sweet enough for your liking, sprinkle more icing sugar overtop.



Whether enjoyed as a standalone treat, melted atop a cup of organic hot cacao, or used to adorn a wholesome dessert, these homemade marshmallows bring sweetness, nutrition and fun. Incorporating homemade marshmallows into your recipe repertoire opens up a world of delicious and nourishing possibilities. Indulge in the simple pleasure of adding these organic treats to your morning hot drink, elevating your beverage experience with a touch of sweetness. You can also harness the versatility of homemade marshmallows as a wholesome topping for oatmeal, yogurt, or fruit salads, infusing your breakfast with a delightful burst of flavour and texture.

Embrace the therapeutic benefits of mindful snacking by enjoying a few marshmallows as a guilt-free treat, savouring each fluffy bite as a moment of self-care and indulgence. Whether as a standalone snack or incorporated into your favourite recipes – try our delicious Persian Rocky Road –  these homemade marshmallows offer a deliciously wholesome way to nourish both body and soul.