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Copperware for Self-Care – As featured in WILD

Self-care: a moment to yourself, for yourself

In an upside-down world, self-care has never been more important  or harder to access. But if we are to function at our best, time  spent caring for ourselves is vital. With this in mind, holistic wellness brand Organic Merchant has launched a new range of brass and copperware. The range is designed help you carve out time for yourself and elevate your self-care ritual.

Practising self-love means doing something that makes you feel good. This can include meditation, journalling, or any other method of sparking joy and healing for yourself (and yourself only). Self-care is not having a shower or eating a nourishing meal — those are basic necessities. It’s about taking time out of your day or week to be with just yourself, for yourself. Self-care can be mini holiday amid the chaos, of everyday life. Choose something that’s accessible whenever you need to pause, refill your energy reserves and continue on as the best version of you. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on fancy equipment or classes to reap the benefit of self-care. However, a few items that spark joy can really help transport you to your sacred solitude.




“Following a simple self-care routine not only benefits your physical health. It can significantly improve your psychological wellbeing, too,” says naturopath and founder of Organic Merchant, Chalimah Jeanne. Chalimah has created a range of brass and copperware to complement their growing wellness range.

Ayurvedic medicine has always played a strong part in how I create blends for Organic Merchant. There are close links between naturopathy and the principles of Ayurveda. A key example is the importance of maintaining balance and harmony between your body, mind and the environment. Charaka advocated the use of Tamra Patra (copper vessels) as a part of various treatments, so it inspired me to create my own range of handmade copper pieces.”



Copper has long been linked to good health. In India, water is often stored in copper vessels overnight.  It is then drunk as a way of consuming the essential trace mineral. This is thought to have anti-ageing benefits and correct iron deficiency. The Egyptians used the ankh symbol to denote copper in their hieroglyphs to represent eternal life, and Vedic Indians used copper to purify their water. Recent studies have shown that copper has powerful anti-microbial properties, and others point to the anti-inflammatory activity of copper.

“As well as it’s beautiful deep colour, I chose copper because of its many benefits for the mind, body and soul,” says Chalimah. “It increases oxygen and blood flow for a sharp mind, boosts your energy and rebalances your chakras to allow a deep connection to the universe.”



Organic Merchant’s copperware range includes a hand-beaten copper foot bath that keeps the water warm for longer. and imbues the skin with anti-microbial benefits. It also features copper milk vessels, and delicate hand-woven brass tea strainers to elevate the simple but beautiful act of pouring tea.

The idea behind each product is to make it easier to carve out alone time and tap into the rejuvenating benefits of self-care. And you don’t need to be familiar with complicated wellness practices to use the range; anyone can spend a few moments soaking their feet to improve energy flow and heal aches and pains in the body.

For those interested in advancing their Ayurvedic rituals, the collection includes a copper tongue cleaner, which can lead to better oral health, fresher breath and clearer skin, while preventing bacteria from entering the digestive system.



Optimising your self-care space can make a huge difference to how you feel, both during your ritual and out in the world. When you can draw on one or two pieces to transport you to your place of healing and spirituality, the sense of wellbeing extends way past just the time spent practising your ritual.

“It’s a dream come true to have my own range of ritual products,” shares Chalimah. “I have followed Ayurvedic rituals each morning for as long as I can remember, so to be able to use my own products feels incredible. It was always the dream to produce more than just tea — there are so many more things to add and create; it’s exciting!”


Article originally published in Wild Magazine. Discover our full brass and copperware range here, and explore more posts about self-care rituals on our blog.