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Organic and Wild Harvested

We often hear the word organic being used, but do you know what it actually means and the differences between organic and wild harvested? Organic Merchant’s teas are Australian Certified Organic (ACO) and several of our teas have wild harvested ingredients, so keep reading to find out more about what these classifications mean, and why we choose them to make our teas.

Certified organic

Certified organic plants are farmed and grown free of pesticides and GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). Pesticides have been linked to diabetes, cancer and neurological defects while GMOs can cause organ toxicity and ecological problems. Organic farmers often use natural fertilisers such as animal manure, compost, and soil treatments with no evidence of environmental harm and environmentally friendly practices like crop rotation. Crop rotation is the practice of not growing the same plant year after year in the same area, as this can deplete the soil of certain nutrients while a different crop can return that nutrient to the soil or draw out different nutrients.

Organic ingredients have been found to have higher antioxidants and according to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, in a six-year study, it was found that organic onions had a roughly 20% higher antioxidant content than commercially grown onions.

For a farm to be certified organic it has to undergo rigorous auditing and meet the organic production guidelines. Organic Merchant’s teas contain 100% ACO-certified organic ingredients, meaning they are free of chemicals, additives, colourings, or flavourings.

For a wonderfully fragrant black tea that is 100% ACO certified organic and one of our bestsellers we recommend our French Earl Grey Tea. It has notes of lavender and pink rose petals and is naturally high in protective antioxidants. This blend is also wonderfully restoring and relaxing.

Wild harvested

Wild harvested plants, as the name suggests, are not farmed but rather grow naturally in the wild without herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals. Accordingly, these plants are usually hardy and have important nutrients beneficial for plant health and healing that enable them to survive through harsh environmental conditions like droughts and predation. Due to these nutrients, wild harvested plants often offer more health benefits.

Try our Australian Bush Blush Tea, which has a combination of native Australian organic and wildcrafted herbs that have been used for thousands of years due to their nutritional and healing properties. This blend is an incredibly vibrant and refreshing combination of organic hibiscus, organic lemon myrtle, and wild-grown, hand-harvested bush Quandong from South Australia.

Why aren’t all ingredients wild harvested?

Some plants naturally grow slowly while others are endangered. Furthermore, wild harvested plants grow in areas away from air, water, and soil pollution so not all wild plants are suitable for harvesting.

Why is it important for us to be organic?

At Organic Merchant, we believe that going organic is not only beneficial for your health but also an ethical and sustainable choice. The earth’s flora and fauna should be unaltered and free from chemical intervention. Our philosophy is to live with purity, mindfulness and in awareness of nature and this carries through our business practices from the sourcing of our ingredients to our packaging which is 100% recyclable and/or biodegradable.

By purchasing products that are organic or wild harvested, you’re getting the peace of mind of knowing that those products are free from harmful chemicals and safer than commercially made products.