hand holding baked muffins and tea in an irregular ceramic mug

Mother’s Day Tea – Nurturing Connections

Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity and reminder of the importance of connecting with our mothers and mother-figures. It is a chance to strengthen the bond we share and cultivate joy and authentic communication in the here and now.

Any mother knows the sacred bond and attachment that she holds for her children. This bond also connects us with our grandmother, and any children we may have. This is due to the cyclic nature of feminine connection and energy that is passed through each generation within families.

For all of us fortunate to have nurturing women in their lives, fostering our relationships with each is truly a blessing. This connection allows that legacy to be acknowledged, explored, and passed down for future generations. Being part of a connected community of women creates a pathway to exploring and expanding our own divine feminine energy. This empowers us to honour and nurture who we really are as women, in all the roles that can offer.



The women in our lives, and those who shape us growing up, have a tremendous influence on our own relationship with ourselves.

Connecting with our feminine energy doesn’t necessarily mean flowing dresses, or being gentle or soft-natured. Typically, having a strong connection with your divine feminine energy means trusting your own intuition and being guided by it in everyday life.

A wonderful way of tapping into your feminine energy is to cultivate opportunities for authentic connection with those you love, admire for their own feminine strength, and are grateful for.


Sharing tea is an ancient tradition, practiced across many cultures. It is a way to connect and slow the pace to check in with one another. Also, it’s a wonderful basis for cultivating a deeper bond. This can bring a sense of security, trust and belonging with those we love.

Any tea enthusiast knows how easily conversations seem to flow over a pot of tea. Because of this, gifting tea or inviting much-loved women in your life to share a cup is such a lovely way to connect to gift them your time, attention, and gratitude.

Choosing to give tea as gifts is also wonderful because you are giving the gift of more conscious, healthy habits & lifestyle choices for the recipient that will inspire and support their self-care and well-being long after Mother’s Day is over.


Thinking about gifts for the women who care for us, it’s valuable to choose ways we can show love in return. This inspires us to offer gifts that will nurture and care for the special women in your life.  A mindful cup of tea is an act of positive self-care which we can enjoy every day. As a result, the gift of tea invites her to take time to fill her cup daily so that she can thrive.

To give the gift of nurturing self-care this Mother’s Day, our 5 favourite wellness gifts for mums:

  1. Wellness Tea Gift Set
  2. Wanderlust Tea Gift Set
  3. Serenity Tea Gift Set
  4. Ritual Bath Gift Box
  5. Deluxe Ritual Gift Box


Every woman deserves calm, peace and well-being on Mother’s Day. With this in mind, we love that these gifts offer thoughtful ways to instil these feelings all year round.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Mums out there, wishing you a wonderful day full of love and relaxation.