Preparing Chai and Chai Latte

Our Guide to Preparing Chai and Chai Latte

The Tradition of Chai

Chai is a beloved beverage originating from the Indian subcontinent, cherished for its rich blend of spices and tea leaves. The word “chai” itself simply means “tea” in Hindi, but in many parts of the world, it specifically refers to a spiced tea concoction. Chai’s popularity has transcended borders, becoming a staple in cafes and homes globally. Preparing chai is an everyday ritual that helps nourish and attune the mind, body and spirit.

Chai’s allure lies in its aromatic spices, which typically include cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and ginger, among others. These spices offer a symphony of flavours that invigorate the senses and provide a sense of warmth and comfort. Traditionally, chai is brewed with black tea, milk, and sugar, but variations abound to suit individual tastes and dietary preferences.

Contemporary Chai

Traditional chai preparations have grown popular all over the world, However, with the spread of chai to different communities and cultures, different spices and flavour combinations are becoming popular. At Organic Merchant we offer our traditional Masala Chai, our vibrant and heartening Spicy Chai, and our aromatic roast wattleseed Australian Outback Chai. Or, if you’re looking for a dirty chai, our Shine Dust cacao blend with dandelion is a great base.

We invite you to find your favourite chai by experimenting with different blends and your preferred milk and sweetener. You can also add your favourite spices to serve your chai. We love oat milk and honey with most varieties, and to find recipes that harmonise with each season.

Read on for instructions on making chai and chai latte — and remember, these are just guidelines so feel free to make the recipes your own!

Preparing chai
  1. Pour a cup of water into a saucepan and add three heaped teaspoons of your chosen chai blend to the water while still cold and bring to a low boil. Let it simmer for 2 to 5 minutes, depending on your desired strength.
  2. Remove from heat and use a small mesh strainer (our handwoven brass tea strainer is ideal) to separate the loose leaf herbs and spices.
  3. Add milk and honey to taste and top with ground or grated spice to finish. Enjoy your homemade chai.


Preparing chai lattepreparing chai latte
  1. In a saucepan, bring 2 cups of water to a boil. Once the water reaches a boil, add 2 tablespoons of organic loose leaf chai blend to the saucepan. Reduce the heat to low and let the chai simmer for about 10-15 minutes to extract the flavors. Stir occasionally.
  2. While the chai is simmering, heat 2 cups of milk in a separate saucepan over medium-low heat. Be careful not to let it boil; you want it hot but not scalding. For a traditional chai preparation, try using our Copper Chai Pot.
  3. Once the chai has simmered and the flavours have infused into the water, strain the chai mixture using a fine-mesh sieve or a tea strainer to remove the loose tea leaves and spices. Pour the strained chai concentrate into the saucepan containing the hot milk.
  4. Add 2 tablespoons of honey, maple syrup, or your preferred sweetener to the chai latte mixture. Adjust the sweetness according to your taste preferences.
  5. Stir the chai latte mixture until the sweetener is fully dissolved and the chai and milk are well combined. Once everything is mixed, pour the chai latte into mugs or serving glasses.
  6. Optionally, sprinkle a pinch of ground cinnamon or nutmeg on top of each chai latte for a decorative touch and added flavor. Serve the chai latte hot and savor its comforting blend of spices and tea.

The chai ritual is a cherished tradition that transcends cultures and borders, offering a moment of respite and connection in the midst of busy days. Rooted in the rich tapestry of Indian heritage, the chai ritual involves the meticulous blending of spices, brewing of tea leaves, and the careful infusion of milk and sweeteners. It’s a ritual steeped in warmth, both in flavour and in spirit, as the aromatic spices dance together, creating a symphony of comforting scents. Whether shared among friends in bustling marketplaces or savoured alone in quiet contemplation, the chai ritual embodies a sense of community and mindfulness, inviting all who partake to pause, reflect, and find solace in each fragrant sip.