Women’s Wellness Tea


A vibrant red tisane of nutritive minerals with nourishing fruits and florals to harmonise hormonal health.


  1. peterrkruger

    My wife enjoys this tea and feels sure that it benefits her health assisting in her general wellbeing after having enjoyed drinking the tea for a number of years. She is happy to continue enjoying the tea.

  2. Angela

    Best purchase this year. Very beautiful, works (for me) and well, let’s admit it – gorgeous to look at on the shelf too.

  3. Kylie Kapeleris

    I bought this tea to support me with hormonal imbalances. Tried it over the weekend and it was delicious and grounding. Very beautiful.


    I bought this tea as a present for my friend and it arrived very promptly, thank you. The customer service was also good and attentive.

  5. Wendy

    I enjoy this tea after birth. It has an unique taste which I love.

  6. Mark Stanley

    I bought for my wife and she LOVES this tea. This is the second batch we have bought.

  7. msiemczyk

    Delicious and relaxing blend.

  8. carlinconnelly

    Another superb tasting tea, I have your immunity tea and vitamin c tea also. Must say yours are the best herbal blends I’ve tasted. Thank you!

  9. dkmasmith

    Love this tea!! Lovely calming tea which I especially like to drink mid to late afternoon.

  10. Jess

    This is my favourite tea.. enjoyed it daily after the birth of both of my children 🙌🏼

  11. Lucy

    My mom absolutely loved your tea! I got it for her as a present

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