OM Winners at Gold Leaf Awards 2022

A Multi-Award Winning Year Recognising Organic Merchant – 2022

Australian premium wellness brand Organic Merchant (OM), has won 13 medals in the prestigious annual 2022 Golden Leaf Awards (GLA). 

Recently announced, this incredible result adds to their many other award wins in 2022. This includes a finalist spot for Brand of the Year with the Australian Organic Limited industry awards, the tea category award winner in EatWell Magazine’s Yummies Awards, as well as the UK’s Beauty Shortlist awards for best tea.

OM Wins Gold


Golden Leaf Awards – Tea Industry’s Best

The Golden Leaf Awards are held and judged each year by Australian Tea Masters, considered the premier organisation for tea education and training in Australasia.

Awards are granted in a range of specialised tea categories including black, green and herbal.

To assess each entry an expert panel is appointed including chefs, leading sommeliers, accomplished tea blenders and food and wine journalists.

To ensure complete objectivity, all tea categories are blind-tasted, according to strict preparation protocols and without any brand identification. The judging panel considers different aspects of each submission, including flavour, aroma and appearance, and arrives at a collaborative evaluation.

Australian Tea Going Global  

In 2022, a total of 540 brands across Australia and the globe entered the GLA, with more than 80 submissions per category.

We are exceptionally proud to have been recognised with awards for both our brand and our individual products across 13 categories.

Founder and naturopath of OM, Chalimah Jeanne was delighted with the result,

“We’re thrilled to have been included in this year’s GLA awards given the volume of submissions from such high calibre entrants both locally and abroad. Our team have been working extremely hard over the past year to reposition our premium brand, educate on the benefits of our packaging and ‘earth to earth’ sustainability model, as well as optimise our website for improved user experiences. To have this validation of our efforts is wonderful.”


The total medal tally included recognition for OM’s brand and products:


Best Tea Packaging – Gold

Our packaging is designed to enhance the experience OM products provide while aligning with our deep commitment to sustainability. In line with our purpose to sustain nature to experience wellness, we have created packaging that protects the product, and our planet as well as elegant and functional. Learn more about our sustainable packaging »

Best Tea Website – Silver

We are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and educating our buyers and the wider public. Our aim is to promote awareness of the benefits of organic certification, sustainability, artisan blending and naturopathic formulation for optimal wellbeing. Our website is a foundational asset to deliver to these objectives.



Australian Wattleseed Teaa black tea combining the deep aroma of roasted wattleseed with sweet cinnamon spice. These indigenous botanicals have traditional benefits and plant compounds that may naturally aid digestion, improve circulation, balance blood sugar and enhance cognition.

Australian Wattleseed Tea with Awards

Buchu Tea – a soothing fragrant tisane combining the blackcurrant aroma of buchu leaf with fresh pine juniper overtones. Known as the ‘elixir of youth’, it has been traditionally consumed by chewing the leaves. Today, it is mainly consumed as tea and is recognised for its anti-inflammatory properties, often recommended to treat urinary and bladder infections.

Chakra Tea –  a harmonising tisane that offers grounding earthy elements with fresh notes of mint and a flourish of flowers. Tulsi leaf and the revered Ayurvedic botanicals are adaptogenic, toning and restorative, balancing the body’s seven Chakras – Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakra.

Mother Nurture Tea – a nourishing herbal breastfeeding tea offering soothing lemon balm, calming aromatic seeds and sweet comforting spices. This naturopathic formulation may naturally support healthy lactation, maintain milk supply, ease tension, and soothe digestion and colic in both mother and baby.


Golden Turmeric Tea – a vibrant golden tisane offering refreshing citrus notes and soothing earthy flavours with restoring tropical overtones.

Rooibos + Rose Teaa nourishing red leaf tea boasting smooth earthy and sweet nutty flavours with warming rose overtones. This naturopathic formulation may naturally promote a radiant complexion, reduce oxidation, support cell repair, aid detoxification, balance blood sugar and advance longevity.

Super Dust with Awards

Ruby Rose Iced Tea a vibrant iced tea blend featuring tangy berries and tart hibiscus, with sweet rose overtones. It may naturally defend against oxidative stress, fortify immunity, soothe inflammation, promote cellular repair and a radiant complexion.

Super DustSuper Dust was formulated by founder and naturopath Chalimah Jeanne drawing on the wisdom of ancient Western, Chinese, Peruvian and Ayurvedic medicine and with energy and stamina in mind. Using the antioxidant power of Matcha and Yerba Mate, Super Dust helps promotes peak physical performance and mental endurance.

Turkish Delight Teaa vibrant loose leaf tea combining crisp apple with sweet comforting cinnamon and hints of heart-warming rose. This tea may naturally reduce oxidative stress, aid digestion, balance blood sugar, fortify immunity and enhance circulation.


Moroccan Mint Green Teamint and green tea loose leaf tisane boasting refreshing mint tones balanced with light revitalising grassy notes. This Middle Eastern formulation may naturally aid digestion, fortify immunity, boost metabolism, enhance cognition and protect against signs of ageing.

Moroccan Mojito Iced Tea with Awards

Spicy Chai Tea offering an aromatic medley of traditional Indian spices with warm citrus-rose overtones. These revered Ayurvedic botanicals may naturally promote digestion, balance blood sugar, enhance circulation, fortify immunity, and invigorate energy.


In receiving this recognition, we’d like to express our appreciation for the support and collaboration of our team, suppliers, partners and our community.