Essiac Tea


A purifying decoction developed by Canadian Nurse Rene Caisse commonly used for detoxification.


  1. Di

    Essiac tea-great product information, great product and great service. What more could you ask for

  2. Brett

    One of the things I love most about Essiac Tea is its ability to promote overall well-being. Packed with powerful antioxidants, this herbal blend supports a healthy immune system and helps the body fend off pesky free radicals. It’s like giving your body a superhero shield!

  3. Olga Bodman

    Great service and speedy delivery which was really appreciated as our canine has bladder cancer and every day counts. He is not keen on the tase so I either syringe it into him or mix it with an egg – maybe not optimal but better than nothing!


    Quick Delivery, Quality Product with Good Results

  5. Ziggy

    I was looking for Essiac Tea for a while. I bought similar products from different places. OM has the best product description and how to use it properly to get the best benefit. Quality of the product is outstanding. I am the one happy customer.

  6. beryl

    Have started using, pleasant taste, will see how it improves my health going forward, thanks

  7. beryl

    Was recommended by a naturopath, this Essiac tea has a pleasent taste. thankyou

  8. Mel

    This is a great Essiac tea. I have tried a few different brands and this is one of the best. Fantastic tea

  9. Annette Padovan

    Great service- quick response & helpful

  10. Lauren

    Have just received my first lot of Essiac Tea. Super fast postage. I honestly thought it would taste terrible but was very surprised, it actually tastes and smells nice and is very easy to drink. As for the benefits only time will tell

  11. Elena Fomeno

    The package has arrived next day after purchase, which has exceeded my expectations on the delivery time-frame. Everything was as described with a small free gift. Would definitely recommend these guys

  12. Milly

    Wonderful product. Smells devine. Will keep coming back time and time again.

  13. Emily

    Excellent quality tea. Really happy with it!

  14. valfarrington55

    Thank you, my tea arrived and I am enjoying it, lovely flavour. Love the health benefits of the tea.

  15. recljo

    Promptly answered questions, overnight delivery, very happy

  16. Tennille Schultz

    Thank you!! I am hoping this helps my mum. She loves it 🙂

  17. annette

    Fast delivery & as described Thank you

  18. lindammorton

    nice tea, I don’t mind the taste only have it (1 tsp) daily as a tonic . I find it refreshing and soothing.

  19. Steve Creighton

    I love using this tea especially what is does for you. I like to use natural products because there are no harmful side effects. This tea gives you a sense of well being.

  20. Tu

    I purchased this tea for my cat with cancer. So far he doesn’t seem to mind it. I have tried it myself and the taste is as bad as I expected. Will need more time to figure out if its helping my cat.

  21. Milly

    Fantastic Product. I brew the tea for my dog with cancer. Her cancer has shrunk with the use of only Essiac Tea.

  22. Linda

    Really lovely tasting tea. Vet recommended it for one of our pets who has cancer and after reading about all the benefits, started drinking it daily myself.

  23. annette padovan

    Great service and happy with the price and tea. It was recommended by my vet as an ongoing preventative treatment for my Jack Russell who had a sarcoma removed 3 months ago

  24. C. Doyle

    Yes ,.Very pleased with Org.. Merchant product ..Essiac Tea

  25. Ruth

    Very happy with this tea and it was delivered quickly too. Lo Looking forward to trying some of the other teas as well.

  26. Lynnette

    Great service! 🙂 Called beforehand and they answered all my questions right away. Fantastic customer service and I loved the product. Thank you

  27. Wendy

    Great service & an excellent tea. Thanks

  28. Mari

    Thanks for the great customer service.

  29. Gail

    What a wonderful way of detoxifying

  30. Janette

    It was recommended to me by my naturopath to give it a try. I liked the effect and after trying a few different ones I have to say this is by far the best taste wise.

  31. Dianna

    Loved it.

  32. Helena

    Thank you very much for the naturopathic consultation beforehand Chalimah 😉 Great service! Taste is actually not bad.

  33. Dore

    Very good service. I had a couple questions before purchasing, but they got answered quickly.

  34. Lorry

    Good product

  35. Susanne

    Pleasantly surprised at how nice this essiac tea actually tastes… still would not recommend it for pure enjoyment. However it seemed to have a positive effect on my health, hence 5 stars.

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