Iced Chai Recipe

There are many different methods for how to make iced chai. We already introduced a classic recipe for making a masala chai latte a while back, but as we are always striving for new ways to prepare our loose leaf blends, we had a look at many iced chai recipes and tested the ones that sounded interesting to us.


The recipe shown below is not only taste-approved, but also is simple to make at home. Basically it is the minimum effort approach to one of our favourite treats.

What you need for your iced chai:

  • A loose leaf chai of your choice (Spicy ChaiTurmeric Tea)
  • Milk/mylk of your choice, e.g. whole, almond, soy etc.
  • Ice cubes (optional)
  • Honey for sweetening (optional)
  • Cinnamon for the final touch (optional)

Step by step for how to make iced chai:

  1. Prepare a loose leaf chai blend of your choice. Cold-brew the tea by adding 3 to 4 heaped tablespoons to a litre of fresh water and leave to infuse for up to 12 hours before straining.
  2. Mix your iced chai latte by placing ice cubes in your glass, and adding some milk. Fill up your glass with the cold-brewed chai. Our personal favourite is a straight up 50/50 mix (tea to milk).
  3. Sweeten to your liking. We like to sweeten ours with a pinch of organic honey. This is best done by first dissolving the honey in 20ml of hot water for it to more easily mix into any beverage. Add to your iced chai.
    EXTRA (optional): 
  4. Froth some milk of your choice and add a couple spoons of only the foam to the top of your homemade iced chai. Note: 2% or non-fat milk is the easiest to froth.
  5. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top and enjoy.


Ideas for varieties:

  • For a tropical twist, use coconut milk.
  • Turn into a dirty chai by adding a shot of coffee.
  • Turn the ready-to-go iced chai into amazing popsicles and enjoy as a delicious treat.


But I don’t have any cold-brewed tea at hand and can’t wait until tomorrow! No worries.

If you don’t have any prepared chai at hand, are desperate for this delicious beverage right now, or preparations are just not your thing in general, then this quick steeping method might be a solution for you.