Iced Tea Gift Set


The organic Iced Tea Gift Set includes our best selling iced tea cocktail infusion blends.


  1. Alara

    I bought this to try out the ice tea flavours before ordering full jars and have been very happy with the taste of them so far. Love the packaging and will probably buy some of these as gifts for Christmas.

  2. deeda

    I received this beautiful gift set last week from my (step)daughter for my birthday. It’s the perfect gift. The mixtures themselves are so pretty to look at, like dried flower petals. The diffuser is sturdy and worked well. I’ve only tried the lemon lime & bitters so far. The flavor was softly distinctive though not overpowering. Made me very happy.

  3. Sophie

    Refreshing 🙂 I re-ordered the lime and bitters.

  4. Sarah

    Thanks for the cocktail recipes. It was delicious

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