Green Tea

Matcha (Camellia sinensis)

Matcha is a high-grade, finely ground, concentrated green tea powder. Tea-powdering originated in China in the 12th century and has a long history of use in traditional ceremonies in Japan.

Rich in amino acids, chlorophyll, as well as other nutrients and vitamins, it also contains the highest concentration of catechin antioxidants compared to all fruits and vegetables, which prevents cell damage.

Research has shown that matcha can also reduce the risk of cancer, inhibit tumour growth, protect against ultraviolet B radiation, and improve immune system function. Further, studies show it boosts the metabolism, significantly lowers body fat mass and waist circumference.

It’s profile also benefits exercise performance and helps speed recovery in athletes.

Extensive research indicates it could aid in the prevention and improvement of many diseases — especially heart disease, stroke, type II diabetes, cancer and obesity.

Part used:



Bitter-sweet, drying, cooling


Anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, antibacterial, anti-angiogenic, antioxidative, antiviral, neuro-protective, stimulant


Stress, mental fatigue, high blood pressure, stroke, coronary heart disease


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