Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica)

Gotu Kola is a member of the parsley family and has no taste or smell. It has been used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years in southeast Asia.

It was used to treat many conditions including healing wounds, improving mental clarity, and skin conditions such as leprosy and psoriasis.

Today, it is well known for promoting longevity of life and for its ability to support rapid healing, improvement of memory, as well as reduce anxiety and depression.

It also supports respiratory conditions, skin problems and is widely used for treating high blood pressure.

Part used:

The herb


Slightly sweet, bitter, pungent


Adaptogen, anxiolytic, nervine tonic, neuroprotective, nootropic, sedative, antidepressant, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, alterative, skin protective, antidiabetic.

  • Cognitive function, Alzheimer’s disease
  • Anxiety, stress, depression
  • Insomnia
  • Circulation and water retention
  • Joint pain, swelling
  • Skin conditions, wound healing, stretch marks, varicose veins and scarring including topically

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