Chicory Root

Chicory RootCichorium intybus

Part used: Root

Energetics: Bitter, sweet, slightly salty, cool, neutral

Actions: Nourishing, stimulating, restoring

Indications: Appetite loss, painful digestion, epigastric pain and bloating, jaundice, diabetes, depression, fatigue, dizziness, anaemia

This is a systemic cleanser and liver support that has been recorded since Ancient Roman and Egyptian times. The valued herb is high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and plant polyphenols that significantly reduce oxidative stress and prevent cell damage particularly in the liver, thereby assisting in detoxification and enhancing the bodies defence systems.

Studies verify that chicory root also regulates blood sugar levels, can delay or prevent the early onset of diabetes and help manage osteoarthritis. Additionally chicory root contains a prebiotic fibre which aids gut health, relieves constipation and supports optimal gut motility.

Roasted chicory root is used in our Shine Dust.