Single Blends

We recently introduced single blends to our product range. These are pure certified organic teas and tisanes with one ingredient.

Organic Chamomile tea by Organic Merchant shown with 35g tea box and 35g jar

Organic Merchant Single & Seasonal Blends

Our single blends are made from a single type of plant.

Chamomile for example, is one of the ancient medicinal herbs known to mankind and is known for a variety of healing applications. Our Chamomile blend is made of dried daisy-like flowers from the Asteracea family.

Peppermint tea contains several essential oils that are released when steeped in hot water, including menthol, menthone and limonene and is well-known for its digestive effects. Our pure Peppermint blends contains 100% certified organic Peppermint Leaf.

Rose Petals have been used in herbal medicine for centuries and are full of healthful properties. Adding rose petals to tea can help reduce anxiety and stress, improve digestion and soothe menstrual cramps and inflammation.


Our seasonal blends change depending on the season and what is popular during Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. 

The current seasonal blend is Mulled Spice – a vibrant medley of festive fruit flavours, fragrant spices and velvety rose.

Our Single Blends

Chamomile Tea

Ingredients include: Chamomile Flowers- Matricaria recutita.

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Earl Grey Tea

Ingredients include:  Orange Pekoe Black Tea Leaf infused with Bergamot Essential Oil.

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English Breakfast Tea

Ingredients include: Orange Pekoe Black Tea Leaf ~ Camellia sinensis.

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Peppermint Tea

Ingredients include: Peppermint Leaf ~ Mentha piperita.

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Rose Petals

Ingredients include: Rose Petals ~ Rosa centifolia.

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Sencha Green Tea

Ingredients include: Sencha Green Tea ~ Camellia sinensis

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