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Blends containing antioxidant, anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties to help keep your skin healthy and glowing

Award Winning Teas

Antioxidant Tea


Antioxidant Tea is a vibrant tisane of tangy berries and hibiscus, with sweet honey and rose overtones.

Mineral Bath Soaks

Aurum Calming Bath Soak


A gentle, milky mineral soak using a curative blend of chamomile and calendula oil to soothe sensitive skin.


A vibrant refreshing tisane of tangy bush quandong and zesty native lemon with tart, cranberry-like hibiscus. Naturally caffeine free.


A multi-award-winning Australian Outback Chai Tea combine the soothing spice of Tasmanian pepper berry with the rich aroma of roasted wattle seed and nutty rooibos.

Detox + Digestion

Jasmine Green Tea


A traditional green tea infused with a sweet opulent fragrance and a flourish of rose petals.

Autumn Blends

Rooibos & Rose Tea


A nourishing red leaf tisane boasting smooth earthy and sweet nutty flavours with warming rose overtones.

Herbal Tea

Rose Petals


Our Rose Petals offer a divine aroma with velvety sweet overtones.


A purifying and skin refining thalassotherapy treatment, formulated with exfoliating marine minerals, detoxifying deep sea kelp, hydrating blue-green algae, and invigorating essential oils.


Raw cacao mixed with Triphala, Chicory and Dandelion to improve complexion and skin health.

Autumn Blends

Turkish Delight Tea


A vibrant tisane combining crisp apple with sweet comforting cinnamon and hints of heart-warming rose.