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From the first stages of initiation into womanhood with the onset of menses, into the childbearing years, and then the natural shift to menopause, a woman’s body is designed to evolve and change. These teas and cacao blends have been designed for women to keep you feeling nourished and supported throughout all phases of life.


A nurturing blend offering nourishing earthy notes with a raspberry aroma and rosy overtones. Historically used for support through pregnancy and labour.


An award-winning tisane imbued with the fresh aromatic notes of sacred basil with divine rose overtones.

Mineral Bath Soaks

Radiance Relaxing Bath Soak


A sensual and sacred aroma-balneotherapy treatment created to balance biorhythms.

Herbal Tea

Rose Petals


Our Rose Petals offer a divine aroma with velvety sweet overtones.


Raw cacao mixed with superherbs to improve fertility and enhance sexual performance for both men and women.


A vibrant tea for women's health, formulated to naturally support the many hormonal changes that women experience in various stages of life.