Organic Merchant Bath Soaks

Bathing and cleanliness have been associated with godliness since ancient times and we have formulated our therapeutic mineral soaks to transport you to a higher state of being and relaxation.

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Mineral Bath Soaks

Our range of wellness mineral bath soaks are naturopathically formulated to harness the energy created when warm water, sustainably harvested mineral-rich salts, curative mineral clays, organic botanicals and organic essential oils are on the body.

The Organic Merchant mineral Bath Soak collection includes 5 signature blends:

Aurum (calm + soothe)

A gentle, milky mineral soak using a curative blend of chamomile and calendula oil to soothe sensitive skin. Together with the ancient calmative properties of frankincense and lavender, this blend assists with revitalising and restoring skin integrity. Naturopathically formulated to calm sensitive, itchy, irritated, or inflamed skin this mineral soak can be used to support conditions such as hives, dermatitis, and eczema. Suitable for children and adults.

Lucent (ground + balance)

A balancing and grounding balneotherapy treatment taking its name from the beauty, luminosity, and potent magic of the moon. Enchanting vetiver and ylang ylang, together with calmative oatmeal, invite you to embody the rhythms of nature, enlighten your mind and delve into a deep relaxed state. Naturopathically formulated to replenish minerals and trace elements, soothe muscular and nervous tension, deeply moisturise and refine skin, alleviate anxiety, uplift emotions, instill relaxation, and cultivate inner peace.

Radiance (relax + replenish)

A sensual and sacred aroma-balneotherapy treatment created to balance biorhythms. Immerse yourself in the sovereignty of this rose-infused blend to invite connectedness with yourself and the natural world, conjure creativity and radiate beauty from within. Naturopathically formulated to replenish minerals and trace elements, harmonise hormones, support PMS, endometriosis, and menopause, soothe muscular and nervous tension, instil relaxation, and cultivate peace.

Sel de Mer (purify + exfoliate)

A purifying and skin refining thalassotherapy treatment, formulated with exfoliating marine minerals, detoxifying deep sea kelp, hydrating blue-green algae, and invigorating essential oils. Immerse yourself in this dark oceanic blend and emerge feeling deeply revitalised. Naturopathically formulated to restore chemical balance, replenish minerals and trace elements, support skin conditions, target cellulite, improve circulation, tone muscles and fortify immunity.

Vivifica (revive + fortify)

A revitalising, mineral rich aroma-balneotherapy treatment created to fortify the immune system and relieve tired muscles, aches and pains. Bathe yourself in this aromatic decongestant blend to soothe and clear your body and mind of any tension or blockages. Therapeutically formulated to replenish minerals and trace elements, clear nasal congestion, alleviate cold or flu symptoms, relieve post-work-out muscular tension, focus cognition, and revive the spirit.


Organic Merchant’s 6 Step Bath Ritual

The process of enveloping yourself in water has been a key ritual for centuries as part of culture and religious ceremony as well as being famed for the rich therapeutic benefit it can deliver.

We believe strongly that the act of taking a bath can provide an important moment of self-care and ritual for yourself.

We recommend following these steps to get the most out of your bath using Organic Merchant mineral Bath Soaks:

  1. Switch off both physically and mentally – leave your devices in another room, lower the lighting and put the do not disturb sign on the door.
  2. Fill and pour – fill your bath with warm water, enough to cover your whole body. Pour your desired amount of OM Bath Soak into the bath as the water is running.
  3. Hydrate – replenish your internal fluids before you step in and keep some water or tea with you while you bathe.
  4. Set your intentions – take a moment to breathe in deeply, close your eyes and enjoy the aroma taking hold of the bathroom. Set an intention on what kind of experience you would like to create.
  5. Soak – immerse yourself into the muddy, mineral rich medicinal waters that have now been created in your bath. Turn on a guided meditation or some soothing music and soak for 2- 30 minutes, keeping the water at a consistent temperature.
  6. Restore – emerge from your bath and pat yourself dry. Do not shower! You want to leave the minerals on your skin to continue to do their magic. Drink a glass of water and relax under a warm blanket. This is important as the body continues to detoxify through perspiration.


We recommend adding 1/2 a cup (80g) to your bath or foot soak. For a full body therapeutic treatment use double that amount i.e. 1 cup (160g).

These products contain no additives or anti-caking agents and 100% natural. Don’t be worried if your Organic Merchant Bath Soak appears slightly wet, salt is naturally hygroscopic meaning it will attract moisture from the air. In a humid environment the salt crystals can begin to melt.

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