Iced Tea Cocktail Infusions

Healthy solutions for the hot summer days or when you want to unwind with a refreshing and healthy herbal iced tea cocktail.

iced tea cocktail on table

What are Iced Tea Cocktails?

Our herbal iced tea blends can be used to make cocktail infusions when combined with your favourite organic alcohols and preferred spirits whether it be rum, gin, whiskey or vodka. You can also try these hot if you prefer a hot toddy or need a something warming – simply replace hot water with your favourite tea blend.


Using our Iced Tea Cocktail Infusions in place of fruit juices and other cocktail mixes offers a tantalising healthy alternative, free of additional sugar or flavourings. And don’t forget, any boozy iced tea cocktail recipe can become something special when you throw in some fruits of summer: peaches, berries, oranges, lemons or limes.  Muddled herbs like basil and mint can also add a delicious flavour.


For all alcoholic iced tea recipes you will need to make a tea base. Learn how to make iced tea.


Mixing our iced tea cocktail recipes:

  1. Combine all ingredients listed in the individual recipes in a shaker.
  2. Shake rhythmically. 
  3. Serve in glasses, over ice with your favourite garnish.


Explore Organic Merchant’s range of iced tea cocktail infusions and flavours HERE.

Our Iced Tea Cocktail Recipes

The Ruby Rose Cocktail
100ml Ruby Rose Iced Tea
30ml Sloe Gin
60ml Champagne
10ml Hibiscus Liqueur
Serve in a round glass over ice and garnish with cherries


Moroccan Mojito Cocktail
140ml Moroccan Mojito Iced Tea
60ml White Rum
1 Lime Wedge
5ml Stevia or natural sweetener of your choice
Serve over ice with a sprig of mint


French Lady Cocktail
100ml Grey Martini Iced Tea
30ml Lemon Vodka
60ml Champagne
10ml Stevia or natural sweetener of your choice
Serve over ice with a garnish of Lavender


Citrus Bitters Cocktail
170ml Lemon, Lime & Bitters Iced Tea
30ml Lemon Vodka
30ml Spiced Rum
Serve over ice and rim with raw coconut sugar

Organic Grey Martini tea by Organic Merchant shown with 50g tea box and 50g jar